Friday, June 21, 2013


Some of the services I provide include: 

1) Nutritional Evaluation:
    Provide food intake analysis, body composition assessment, resting metabolic rate, and total energy  

2) Nutrition planning and advice:
     Construct individualized meal plans according to lifestyle and dietary needs to obtain nutritional goals. 

3) Personal Chef:
     Prepare fresh, pre-portioned meals according to diet restrictions and calorie needs for weight loss, weight maintenance, weight gain, and athletic performance.  

4) Personal training sessions:
     Create different and dynamic goal-specific programs that maximize client results. 

5) Individualized workout plans: 
     Design goal oriented programs that can be done with minimal equipment at home, in a park, or in a gym.

6) Running coach: 
     Develop a program for beginner and advanced runners that achieves clients goals, while minimizing the risk of overuse and over-training injuries. 

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